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"The Marcus D. Russell Camp No.2,USWV  
 Hiker Monument of Troy,NY"
"Dedication Committee Plaque"
The Hiker Monument in Troy,NY is Dedicated to the Veterans of the Spanish American War;  
Veterans of the County of Rennsselaer under the Auspice of the Marcus D. Russell CampNo.2 of the
United Spanish War Veterans.  
(Front Plackard)
The Monument was  
Dedicated September 19th, 1925.
"L-Missing Plackard Space;R-Back of Monument"
The Plackard in Question that is Missing is that of the Top Plaque on the Back of the Monument Pedestal
Plaque which seems to have been missing for at least 50 years.   

So Perhaps it was melted down During World War II?

Or was simply taken Down and Forgotten?   

If you have any Information on What Happened to the Plaque; Please Contact
Camp President, Raymond W. LeMay III, PCP, NP