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(Title Page of NY In SAW)  

Free Lookups in the NY in the Spanish American War are being offered for Free by the Camp.  
This 3 volume set is for 1898-1900.   

The Adjutant General Report contains a Brief Service Record of Every NYS Volunteer who served in the War and was active.
PLEASE NOTE; If Relative was in Federal Service,  
he would not be listed.  

Here is an example of a Service Record of one John G. Smyth:


Please make your requests as detailed as possible,  

with full name of Relative and Residence at time as well as Regiment and Company if Known.  
PLEASE NOTE; We are Not a Genealogical Research Organization; We cannot guarantee results.  
See our Researching a SAW Veteran Guide;
For more information.   

Make out your request to our  
Camp President Raymond W. LeMay III,PCP
Please allow up to a week for response.