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(The Joseph Melvin Leonard Camp No.168 is not a Genealogical research organization
and we ask that you refrain from contacting us for the sole purpose of having us check into your family tree.)

Camp Officers; Elected and Appointed

Camp Snail Mail Address

 CAMP OFFICERS 2008-2009
Camp President
*Raymond W. LeMay III, PCP*
(National President)
Tel. (518) 273-9642

Camp Sr. Vice President
*Gary P. Salmon*

Camp Jr. Vice President
 *Sean Sweeney*

Chief of Staff

Patriotic Instructor
*Joseph F. Ferrara*

Judge Advocate/Inspector
*Dan Meehan*

*Michael Popolizio*

*Rev. LeRoy R. Lincoln*

*Kenneth W. Malcolm, PCP, PDP (Real Son)*
Camp Graves Registration Officer
*Edward A. Coyne*  

Camp Monument Registration Officer
*Jerome "Jerry" Orton*  

Camp Trustees
1. *Joseph F. Salmon Jr.*  

2. *Harry G. Taylor Jr. (Real Son)*   

3. *Michael Popolizio*  

Camp Color Bearer/ Jr. Color Sgt.
 *James F. Kelley*
National Color Bearer/ Sr. Color Sgt.
 *Harlow Gardenier (Past Natl. Sgt. At Arms)*  

Sgt. At Arms
*John E. LaBarre*  

Sgt.'s In Command of Outposts  
*Boston, Massachusetts Outpost*  
Greater Boston Camp No.119

*Sean Sweeney*
180 Starr Avenue
Tewksbury,MA 01876  

*Scranton, Pennsylvania Outpost*
William O. Gibson Camp No.123

*Joseph F. Ferrara*  
1737 Rolling Hills Drive,  
Tobyhanna, PA 1846

Camp Delegates to National Convention 2009

1. *Raymond W. LeMay III, CP, PCP, NP*

2. *TBA*

3. *TBA*

 Camp Snail Mail Address
Joseph Melvin Leonard Camp No.168, SSAWV
 4 Ball Place
Watervliet, N.Y. 12189